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Tempted by Detroit's $500 Properties? 5 Things to Know

By Beth J. Harpaz | Mar 13
Buying homes or vacant lots for $500 might sound inviting, even in a city as troubled as Detroit. But there are no guarantees.

What it Takes to Call Detroit Home

By Beth J. Harpaz | Mar 11
In 1950, Detroit had a population of 1.85 million. Today, 690,000 remain - a mere third of those who lived here when this was the fifth-largest city in America. Here are some of their stories.

US New Home Sales Fall Slightly in January

By Josh Boak | Feb 26
Sales of new U.S. homes were basically flat in January, evidence that recent job gains and relatively low mortgage rates have yet to spur the real estate market.

Historic Snows Causing Headaches for Real Estate Industry

By Philip Marcelo | Feb 26
All that snow in New England may make your property look as pretty as a calendar shot, but it won't do you any favors if you're trying to buy or sell a house.

Recession "Poster City" Still Faces Uphill Road

By Matthew Wexler | Feb 25
A small Ohio town continues to bounce back after being dubbed "ground zero" for the Great Recession.

Home Construction Slips in January

By Josh Boak | Feb 19
U.S. homebuilders slowed the pace of construction in January, breaking ground on fewer single-family houses ahead of the spring buying season.

Student Debt Load Limits Americans' Home-Buying

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Feb 18
Younger Americans are struggling to keep up with steadily-rising student debt loads, a burden that is limiting their ability to buy homes.

Newark City Gives a Valentine's Gift to Couples

By EDGE | Feb 12
City-owned lots will be sold to couples as homesteads at $1,000; Residents must make commitment to live on site for five years.

Ready to Buy? Making the Most of Open House Visits

By Alex Veiga | Feb 11
Open houses offer more than just the opportunity to get a closer look at a property, so being prepared is key.

Report: Silicon Valley Tech Economy Booming

By Martha Mendosza | Feb 4
A study released shows Silicon Valley's tech economy is continuing to boom, with 58,000 new jobs and 42,000 new residents last year and all indications the record growth will continue.

6 thru 15 of 138 Stories