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PopUps: Rejoice! David Beckham Joins Instagram

By Jason St. Amand | May 4
Your day has been made: David Beckham joined Insatgram.

One Artist's Living Body of Work

Johannes Stoetter's images of models covered in vegetables and fruit, or painted to blend into their environments, are remarkable instances of camouflage as art. Elizabeth Palmer learns firsthand how it's done.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Miss Julie

MOVIES | By Louise Adams | May 5
Adapted and directed by Liv Ullman, this luminous and intense film maintains the claustrophobic feel of August Strindberg's 1888 naturalist play, setting the never-ending class struggle below the stairs and keeping the circumstances insurmountable.

Third-Generation Shoemaker Gives Broadway Its Sole

Broadway likes to say it has plenty of soul, but only one man has its sole. Gino Bifulco, who runs the Time Square-area custom shoe company T.O. Dey, makes the footwear for 80 percent of Broadway's musicals.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Mr. Turner

MOVIES | By Louise Adams | May 5
Mike Leigh chronicles the last 25 years of the prolific English Romanticist marine and landscape artist and his complicated personal life.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Masters of Sex - Season Two

TELEVISION | By Kilian Melloy | May 5
The sizzling Showtime series returns in July for a third season. That gives dedicated viewers and neophytes alike a chance to catch up on the show's second season, now available as a home release.