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Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Leviathan

By Kilian Melloy | May 21
This much-praised film deserves every critical plaudit that's come its way. Essential viewing for fans of Zvyagintsev, world cinema enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys layered, intelligent drama.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Two Men in Town

By Kilian Melloy | May 19
Fans of Cohen's excellent restoration work and re-releases of vintage movies shouldn't come looking for a modern classic here.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Mississippi Burning

By Jake Mulligan | May 19
Hackman gives a complete performance, and it's one that claims a lineage for this film within a different tradition: hardboiled noir.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Black Sea

By Michael Cox | May 19
"Black Sea" is a classic, testosterone-soaked heist thriller, but its setting and tone give it a gravitas that sets it above other films of this genre.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: American Sniper

By Kilian Melloy | May 19
The film is definitely worth adding to your shelf, alongside other Eastwood classics -- it's not just a great modern war movie, it's a warrior's movie.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Black or White

By Michael Cox | May 19
The problem with "Black or White" is not that it uses clichés; it's that it tries to fit in nearly every cliché in the book.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Vatican Exorcisms

By Ken Tasho | May 19
The release of this new DVD proves once again that you can't make an exorcism film without pea soup or Linda Blair.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Fantasticks

By Jake Mulligan | May 19
This movie finds an operatic mode that's also unendingly self-aware. "The Fantasticks" is beautifully artificial.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Jamaica Inn

By Kilian Melloy | May 18
This 4K-scanned restoration of the film enjoys such clarity and pristine image quality that, aside from a couple of jumps due to missing frames, it looks like perfection itself. You might even forgive the movie's many absurdities.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Selma

By Louise Adams | May 18
Not having a feature film with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as lead protagonist in over 50 years was a civil rights crime rectified by visionary director Ava DuVernay in her searing story.

10 thru 19 of 5662 Stories