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Together 35 Years, Waiting for the Right to Marry

Apr 17
Timothy Love's heart problem made him acutely aware of the barriers still standing against his three-decade relationship with Larry Ysunza.

ACLU to County Attorney: Drop Policy on Same-Sex Adoptions

By Bobby McGuire | Apr 16
A civil rights group says Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's refusal to help married same-sex couples with adoptions must be rescinded or they will sue.

Legally Married at Work, But Not at Home

Apr 16
Thom Kostura and his husband take lots of road trips, and each time they cross a state line they make a game of declaring "We're married!" or "We're not married!" - depending on whether the state recognizes same-sex marriage.

Michigan Gay Marriage Challenge Began as Adoption Case

Apr 16
April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse initially went to court to win the right to jointly adopt each other's children, not to confront Michigan's ban on gay marriage.

Gay Marriage Issue Complicates Immigration, Motherhood

Apr 16
When Valeria Tanco and Sophy Jesty began dating during post-graduate veterinary training at Cornell University, their relationship faced more than the usual run of hurdles.

California Couple Part of Tennessee Gay Marriage Challenge

Apr 16
Johno Espejo and Matthew Mansell moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Franklin, Tennessee, in 2012 for Mansell's job as a conflicts analyst for an international law firm.

Florida Legislature Repeals State Ban on Gay Adoption

Apr 14
Florida's ban on gay adoption is getting tossed out by the state's Republican-controlled Legislature.

Tax Day Extra Difficult For Many Same-Sex Married Couples

By Stephen Ohlemacher | Apr 13
A necessary burden for most Americans, Tax Day is an accounting nightmare for thousands of gay and lesbian couples as they wrestle with the uneven legal status of same-sex marriage in the United States.

Wedding Expos Will Be Indiana's 1st for Same-Sex Couples

Apr 13
Two wedding expos set for the Indianapolis area will give same-sex couples the ability to choose businesses that support their right to marry.

Florida Bill Would Let Some Adoption Agencies Refuse Gays

Apr 10
The Florida House passed a bill Thursday to let private adoption agencies turn away gay couples based on religious and moral grounds.

21 thru 30 of 603 Stories