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Ask the Doc :: Talk to the Fist

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Wednesday Jan 4, 2012
How risky is fisting?

Ask the Doc :: Cleaning Out

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Wednesday Oct 5, 2011
When I have sex, I like to douche/enema before. What are the risks involved with this?

Ask the Doc :: PrEP?

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Monday Sep 12, 2011
I have a lot of sexual partners, and I’m wondering what to do about PrEP.

Ask the Doc :: HPV Hysteria

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Friday Jul 29, 2011
There’s a lot of talk going around about anal cancer and HPV. Can a condom prevent against HPV? And when/how should I start worrying about anal cancer and getting tested?

Ask the Doc :: More Muscle!

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Tuesday Jul 12, 2011
Can you help solve the mystery on anabolic supplements? I walk into GNC and it seems that there are 5,000 products screaming at me at once. Help!

Ask the Doc :: Drifting Off

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Thursday Jun 16, 2011
I used to be so energetic - going out dancing, active in sports, always happy and awake. Lately, it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open past 9pm. What’s your advice?

Ask the Doc :: Heart Attack Risk?

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Wednesday May 25, 2011
My Dad had a heart attack at the age of 42. That seems pretty young to me - what steps should I take to make sure I’m not at risk? Or should I get tested for blood pressure or something? I’m only 29 but worried.

Ask the Doc :: Penis Size

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Wednesday May 4, 2011
OK, once and for all: what is normal penis size?

Ask the Doc :: Too Many Needles!

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Wednesday Mar 2, 2011
I’ve had the Hepatitis B series twice now, and my primary care physician says it still didn’t take. He wants me to have another three shots. Apart from the fact that I’m tired of running to his office to get stuck with needles, why isn’t this working?

Ask the Doc :: Losing Weight

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Monday Feb 14, 2011
What’s your advice on losing weight? I’m just sort of a stocky guy, but it seems that every gay man out there wants the same body type. And it isn’t mine.